1. Sales of the drug have been stopped, pending further research.

2. None of the four people killed was identified pending notification of relatives.

3. Pending his return let us get everything ready.

4. In 1989, the court had 600 pending cases.

5. There were whispers that a deal was pending.

6. All charges against her are dropped pending the verification of her story.

7. The lawsuit was then pending.

8. He was released on bail pending committal proceedings.

9. The accused was released on bail pending trial.

10. The item is Patent Pending No. 912057.

11. She has been released on bail pending further enquiries.

12. The matter is still pending in court.

13. Nine cases are still pending.

14. A decision on this matter is pending.

15. He was freed on bail pending an appeal.

16. The department has placed its plans on hold pending the results of the elections.

17. Our mid – term exam is pending.

18. She had a libel action against the magazine pending.

19. Diagnosis was deferred pending further assessment.

20. An election is pending in Italy.

21. Work on the scheme has been halted, pending the results of a judicial enquiry.

22. The pending releases of the prisoners are meant to create a climate for negotiation.

23. Many trade disputes are pending,( awaiting the outcome of the talks.

24. None of the four people killed was identified pending ( the ) notification of relatives.

25. The players have been suspended pending appeal.

26. The pending debate should be placed before a larger audience.

27. Names of the dead and injured are being withheld pending notification of relatives.

28. The judge ordered that he post a $10 000 bond pending his appeal of the verdict.

29. The identity of the four people was not made public, pending notification of relatives.

30. A judge has suspended a ban on the magazine pending a full inquiry.


Learning English Faster Through Complete Sentences with “pending”


Sentences are everywhere.
Without sentences, language doesn’t really work.

When you first started learning English, you may have memorized words such as: English meaning of the word “pending”; But now that you have a better understanding of the language, there’s a better way for you to learn meaning of “pending” through sentence examples.

True, there are still words that you don’t know. But if you learn whole sentences with “pending”, instead of the word “pending” by itself, you can learn a lot faster!


Focus your English learning on sentences with “pending”.


Why Is Focusing on Sentences Important?
Sentences are more than just strings of words. They’re thoughts, ideas and stories. Just like letters build words, words build sentences. Sentences build language, and give it personality.

Again, without sentences, there’s no real communication. If you were only reading words right now, you wouldn’t be able to understand what I’m saying to you at all.

The Word “pending” in Example Sentences.
“pending” in a sentence.
How to use “pending” in a sentence.
10 examples of sentences “pending”.
20 examples of simple sentences “pending” .

All the parts of speech in English are used to make sentences. All sentences include two parts: the subject and the verb (this is also known as the predicate). The subject is the person or thing that does something or that is described in the sentence. The verb is the action the person or thing takes or the description of the person or thing. If a sentence doesn’t have a subject and a verb, it is not a complete sentence (e.g., In the sentence “Went to bed,” we don’t know who went to bed).

Four types of sentence structure .

Simple Sentences with “pending”

A simple sentence with “pending” contains a subject and a verb, and it may also have an object and modifiers. However, it contains only one independent clause.

Compound Sentences with “pending”

A compound sentence with “pending” contains at least two independent clauses. These two independent clauses can be combined with a comma and a coordinating conjunction or with a semicolon.

Complex Sentences with “pending”

A complex sentence with “pending” contains at least one independent clause and at least one dependent clause. Dependent clauses can refer to the subject (who, which) the sequence/time (since, while), or the causal elements (because, if) of the independent clause.

Compound-Complex Sentences with “pending”

Sentence types can also be combined. A compound-complex sentence with “pending” contains at least two independent clauses and at least one dependent clause.