1 Karst landforms related more specifically to fluvial activity are discussed in Chapter 9.

2 The Hujianshan Area is dominated by fluvial and lacustrine-fluviolacustrine delta sediments in Yanchang Formation, which locates in the south extensional of delta system of Anbian.

3 Littoral and fluvial facies depositional soft soil distributes widely in the Zhujiang River Delta of China.

4 The abandoned channel micro facies of fluvial reservoir blocks the fluid in the lateral.

5 The main sedimentary system includes fluvial, delta,[www.TranslateEN.com] alluvial fan and lake facies.

6 Urbanization may cause the change of fluvial geomorphological process system and aggravate the soil erosion and the flood threat.

7 Fluvial sand body is one of the important reservoir in oil bearing basin.

8 They measured the fluvial fulvic acid.

9 The transfer of fluvial balance sections can form subaerial accommodation space.

10 Maintain fluvial health life, realize person and fluvial harmony coexist, must be kind to a river.

11 The ramparts, with their mural towers, enclose a rectangular town which was built to house both maritime and fluvial ports.

12 Until this occurs, there can be few spectacular advances such as those achieved recently in fluvial and slope geomorphology.

13 In the light of this, the way forward in climatic geomorphology, already recognized in studies of fluvial catchments, becomes evident.

14 The latter is further sub – divided into gravelly and sandy braided fluvial facies.

15 In order to utilize water resource continuously , ecological water amount of fluvial resource should be kept.

16 There are six depositional systems classfied for the depression: alluvial fan, underwater fan, fan delta, fluvial, shore-shallow lake sand bar and deep-lake depositional system.

17 Highstand System Tract mainly develops depositional system of offshore – meare, fluvial facies and prograded delta.

18 Daxi conglomerate is massic carbonate conglomerate with high pebble content, well – sorted and well – rounded fluvial origin.

19 This provides precedent for facies – controlled modeling of complex block reservoirs of fluvial facies.

20 The sandy soil that upland lime calcium pledges earth and fluvial two sides reach alluvion , sandy loam 4 kinds big.

21 The quantitative research of geomorphologic evolution in bedrock channel fluvial landscape plays a significant role in the discussion of the relationship among tectonics, climate, and surface process.

22 Permeability heterogeneity in plane is an important characteristic of fluvial facies formation.

23 The evolution of those three systems tracts suggests the changing of transgressive and regressive of fluvial delta system and draught salt lake during the depositing.

24 Geomorphologic processes are very sensitive to climate changes in the boundary area between the fluvial zone and the periglacial zone.

25 According to many researchers achievement , the response of fluvial geomorphology to tectonic movement is discussed.

26 The favourable reservoir sandstones in these gas pools may broadly be assigned to the deltaic front channel mouth bar, deltaic plain distributary channel bar and fluvial channel bar microfacies.

27 Cultivated soil – forming parent material is mainly slope sediments , fluvial and alluvial materials.

28 The delayed response of sedimentation is a phenomenon commonly encountered in fluvial processes of rivers.

29 Introduced is a method for predicting sedimental sand body with fluvial facies.

30 Gravel cemented geological body, called solid formation, has been found in the fluvial sediment of Quaternary system in the exploration and mining of alluvial gold deposit in recent years.


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